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你什么都没说 但是我们已经明白了

Brian Mcknight - Still

Yeah  Uh
Funny when you stop and think
times goes faster then you blink
nothings ever like it was
but girl we've got a special thing
all the happiness it brings
is more than enough
I know its hard to believe
your still the biggest part of me
all I'm living for
I still think about you
I still dream about you
]I still want you
and need you by my side
I'm still mad about you
all I ever wanted was you
you still the one
It's hard to breathe when were apart
your like sunshine in my heart
I keep you here inside
you've been everything to me
you've been and always will be
[02:04.54]the apple of my eye
And I know its hard to believe
your still the biggest part of me
all I'm living for
I still think about you
If you love me
look into my eyes and say you do
I've been waiting all my life
for someone just like you
baby all that we've been through
girl im still in love with you
and I want you to know I do, I do

98 Degrees -- Was It Something I Didn't Say

Spending another night alone
Wondering when I'm gonna ever see you again
Thinking what I would give to get you back baby
I should have told you how I felt then
Instead I kept it to myself, yeah
I let my love go unexpressed
'Till it was too late
You walked away
Was it some thing I didn't say
When I didn't say "I love you"
Was it words that you never heard
all those words I should have to you
All those times, all those nights when I had the chance to
Was it something I did't say
(I did't say,Baby..I did't say)
Always assumed that you'd be there
Could't forsee the day you'd ever be leaving me
How could I let my world slip through my hands baby
I took for granted that you knew, yeah
All of the love I had for you, yeah
I guess you never had a clue
'Till it was too late
You walked away
All the words were in my heart
They went unspoken
Baby now my silent heart is a heart that's broken
I shoulda said so many things
Shoulda let you know you're the one I needed near me
But I never let you hear me

愛著這樣的你是幸福 也是痛苦




现场的时候 看到在中胸口那个模糊的字迹

今天 真的 被你虐了好些次 請好好待自己 好么


PS :花火大會的後臺照


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